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Privacy Policy
We understand that your privacy is very important and we take it seriously. This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, and share personal information to help the BRiTi work and to keep it safe. We will not collect, use or share your personal information except as described in Privacy Policy. However this privacy policy does not apply to the information we collect through other sources.
Collection and Use:
All the information you post on BRiTi is publicly available. The information that we collect is used to analyze how to maximize the reachability of your post to concerned public, produce recommendations, personalize content, communicate marketing and promotional offers, tracking user's pattern, remember information to help you efficiently access your account, and to monitor traffic patterns. We collect and store the following information:

Your Personal Information : You may not want to share your personal information on BRiTi but in that case BRiTi might not be able to provide certain services. You can however update your personal information anytime on BRiTi by going to your profile page.

Access, Modification, and Deletion : Users of BRiTi agree and accept that we reserves the right to modify and even delete your posts/comments/reviews.

Children's Privacy ; We don't not knowingly allow registering on BRiTi anyone under the age of 18. If we become aware of that through any means, we block that account.

Links to other websites : Please remember that our policies will be no longer in effect if you use link to go from our services to other website. Your interaction with other website should be solely at your own risk.

Data Protection : We use a number of safeguards (encryption, passwords, physical security) to protect the security and integrity of your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. Unfortunately, we do not warrant, ensure that the information you transmit on BRiTi cannot be disclosed, altered or hacked by any security breach as no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. But while we strive to protect your personal information, and in case of security breach we will promptly notify those persons whose information has been compromised by emails.

General : If we have any changes to our policy we will update here. Changes are effective only when they are updated on this page. With updates on this page we will notify you.
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